Thoughts about Germantown

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Welcome the Gtown-RealMan website.

Gtown-RealMan is a group of friends from Philadelphia who have known each other for 40+ years and have met every year for the last 16 years to share stories , exaggerate about athletic abilities and sexual conquests as well as have a few beers .

The Gtown-RealMan organization consists of the following members :

* Jimmy Cooney AKA Coontown

* Ray Duffy AKA Is the game over yet

* Tom Harron AKA Root

* Jimmy Fetscher AKA Turk

* Greg Magarity AKA Dutchman

* Hank Markosian AKA Henry

* Mike McCarthy AKA Meek

* Tommy O'Donnell AKA Napes

* Joe Passanante AKA Paz

* Carl Weigand AKA the Truth



Our Motto